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New TV Launched In India in 2018, Top 10 list of latest TV’s

New TV launches in the ongoing decade have essentially decoded spotless discoveries in the world of entertainment. With the needful collaboration of daring evolution’s there emerged a hurricane of desires inside the viewer’s preference in a very fast pace. Moreover, latest innovations like the LCD’s with LED back-lighting, Smart TV’s, Plasma TV’s creating a bugging effect nationwide. Unlike the erstwhile years of TV’s high demand in the market, today’s smart TV’s demand has actually brought a mob of smart buyer. And seemingly before grabbing the best taste of the new launches every year a smart buyer must take a needful tour of detailed critical evolution regarding the pros & cons of each new gadget arrivals.

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Are you looking to buy a new tv for your home or office? Just check out the top 10 list from the latest launches of televisions (TV’s ) by various brands in India in 2018. You can buy them online too.

But before everything else an essential question blinks before us. Why the three common panel type’s i.e.; LED/ LCD are with LED backlighting, Smart TV’s, and Plasma TV’s have crowded the new age TV cravings.

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Well, I can almost overhear the exact answer that buzzing around your lips.

Actually these days TV panels come with excellent visual quality and also smart adjustment modes matching the viewer’s preference, plus no accommodation issues exists. But when your inner self want to be the smartest purchaser of a new TV, then there are other crucial issues which requires a valued glimpse from you.

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Here is a list that takes you to 2018 top ten best new TV launches and their critical approaches.

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Top 10 list of latest TV/ New TV Launched In India in 2018


  1. VU LED Tv – 4k Ultra HD TV


Vu 4k tv ( Ultra HD) - latest launch new TV

This Vu Led TV is the best one for the purchasers who wishes to fill the space with a perfect match for their small sized bedrooms or even for a tight spacing hall. Within an embrace of a smart budget all expected visual facilities are essentially stuffed with impeccable Achromatic A+ panel performance. A high class performer in terms of audio sensation that ultimately gives you a real theatre like experience, which is another spark associated with this gadget.

What’s so good in this gadget?

  • Honesty of the brand sparks in the highlighting parts of this gadget where purchasers are fully provided about the exact information. Unlike the straight fallacy of giving a LED tag to a LCD with LED backlighting, they directly mentioned about the LED backlighting feature. Therefore the trust quotient is relatively becomes higher for this brand.
  • Brilliant design of the TV with a flexible and Ultra-slim physical outline.
  • There is another best part comes with the True Color optimizer that flawlessly optimizes the color


  1. Sony BRAVIA – KD-43X7500F 4K UHD LED Smart TV 43 inch 

sony 43 inch UHD led smart tv - latest launch new tv

In Sony Bravia  4k UHd led smart tv, Visual scenes with the power pact feature named X-Reality PRO has been envisaged for highlighting each strands of pictorial beautification. A great choice for rooms with larger carpet area as this TV’s extra brilliance HD efficacy in no way going to disappoint you in terms of clarity.

Unique features that dragged this product into the list of top ten latest new TV launched in 2018

  • Audio with extra boost of bass reflex feature
  • This not just a smart TV but also an android experience with similar updated features of apps and widgets just like your smart phones or tablets, etc
  • Efficient management of providing the actual essence of entertainment with the feature IR Blaster that actually sets you free of handling too many remotes for your DTH connection. Hence now you can easily manage the DTH functions with the same remote
  • With the advance feature like Motionflow XR each sequence of your favorite movie will be telecasted smoothly, especially when there is an action scene


  1. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A - latest Launch new tv

2018’s best TV brands are getting kickass competition from Xiaomi’s latest innovations in the world of gadgets. What else an entertainment seeker wants when there is so much compact fully stuffed inside this LED Smart TV from Xiaomi Mi TV 4A.

Check out the highlights of iconic Xiaomi Mi TV 4A

  • A new age excuse for the Indian families to grab entertainment through the purchase of this Smart LED TV that comes with the privilege of mirror screen. This feature lets you swiftly watch dynamic entertainment tonics from your small screened android smart phones to your high definition smart LED TV wall.
  • One remote serves as the solution for all purpose i.e. the same remote provided with the TV also serves as the medium of control for your set top box operations.
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4A ultimately gives you the real experience of your dream smart TV. Availability of all smart multiple connectivity ports that serves as the prior factor for new age consumers. Plus it offers brilliant performance backed by 64-bit quad core processor.
  • Share all your cool wi-fi activities by joining your Xiaomi smart LED TV through Ethernet port
  • Most importantly this best LED TV available at the minimal price range of 15k, which is something more than the notion of budget friendly


  1. Micromax TV – 32T7260HD 32 inch LED HD-Ready TV

Micromax 32 inch HD Ready LED Smart TV (L32 Binge Box) latest launch new tv

2018’s among top ten this LED HD-Ready TV from Micromax is a power-pact combination of updated technological assembly. This new TV has the entire modern age TV requirement with availability of a minimal price range that superbly fits a medium sized carpet area.

What makes this gadget from Micromax to stand with rest of the other top ten 2018’s new TV launch

  • Excellent viewing experience with high quality HD resolution that enhance the video playing experience to the extreme ecstasy with 178 degree angle
  • Apart from all other intriguing features the audio is spectacular of this LED HD-Ready that superficially fills your living area with the best sound experience of two 10W speakers
  • In various digital platforms the critical appreciation regarding this product even marked the stature of this product better than 87% of other available new TV’s
  • The pricing range of this TV is also cost effective for the average salaried viewers


  1. Sony BRAVIA 4k  OLED TV – KD-55A8F

Sony 55 inches Bravia 4K UHD OLED Smart TV (Black) -latest launch new tv

Sony Bravia 4k OLED TV comes with unbelievable features stitched with other smart functions that every smart TV wishers fantasize. Amazing 4K experience dipped with 4K HDR processor for the best clarity extravaganza.

What makes this Latest/ new TV in the generation of 2018’s smart LED TV’s unbelievable?

  • Fantastic feature like ‘Dolby Vision’ that provides awesome and unbelievable cinematic experience in terms of contrast
  • Flawless 4K HDR Processor for the extreme clarity
  • Triluminos display arrangement for producing the best ever color experience while watching your best entertainment tonic
  • Supports and superbly works with Amazon Alexa so that you can have a great control over the general functions of your unbelievable best 4K TV
  • This 55 inch excellent TV comes under a budget of 2.5L approx. and fully satisfies all your new age smart TV experience


  1. Samsung Full HD Curved LED Smart TV

    (55 inches) Series 6 55M6300 (Dark Titan)


Samsung Full HD Curved LED Smart TV

The best part of this Samsung Full HD Curved LED Smart TV is that it offers almost connectionless experience with only one cable that superficially connects with all other needful devices. Extremely luring design with metallic exterior finish makes it look ravishing for your super sophisticated living area. The product in itself is a great highlight that superficially satisfies the purchaser’s thirst for a remarkable journey of watching TV. Well researched in build functions that presents before you all the stations of digital age technological entertainments through various apps. In one word this new TV from the cult of new age smart & LED TV is a smart choice to buy.


  1. Mitashi TV – MiCE039v30 38.5 iNCHES Smart HD Tv

Mitashi HD Ready Smart Curved LED TV - latest launch new tv

Best TV’s in India 2018 actually carrying many significant crisp factors that giving meeting customer’s end to a great extent. But this new TV from the generation of smart Television is nailing an example of the best choice in terms of the picture quality. Presence of superb curve finish triggers the watching experience to the unbelievable stature that ultimately steals your heart. Within a budget friendly range customers are getting a high quality experience of real HD sensation while simultaneously saving your power. Excellent unmatched high quality resolution with the availability of screen mirror efficacy to enjoy favorite android games in an exciting way. Apart from other intriguing facilities this Latest/ new TV from Mitashi even carries Agile Remote App that allows your smart/android phone to control the TV functions.


  1. Kodak Smart LED TV – 50 inch Ultra HD (4K) 

Kodak Smart LED TV - 50 inch Ultra HD (4K) latest launch new tv

The launch of this new TV in 2018 has actually created a buzz among all other smart TV available. With its superb sleek and slim design the market is experiencing high demand for this particular product. Other best brands like Samsung, Panasonic, LG are extremely facing tight competition from this Kodak Ultra HD 4k smart led TV. And especially when you are having all those best features in another product backed a cost effective tag then why to opt for another big brands with huge price tag. Hence smartly you can purchase this smart TV and experience excellent wide angles for super clarity. Fantastic sound quality with 20 W speakers that provides you the best synchronized audio-video tour. Miracast technology to fulfill your demand for mirror screen. And many more other useful facilities stuffed within this smart TV’s panel to give the viewers their best taste of entertainment.


  1. Samsung Frame TV – Smart LED

Samsung Frame tv - latest launch new tv in india

LED TV, Plasma TV or Smart TV is somehow running at a slow pace when we relate them with the ultimate Samsung Frame TV. Along with everything else present in all smart best brands TV‘s this product carries a superb phenomenon which transforms itself into a beautiful mural when it’s not in use. The mural is not only a work of smitten professional art works but also makes your wall look like an art piece. An experience of technology dipped into artistic taste is in itself a masterpiece. Apart from the art work there is a brilliant ground for digital broadcasting that allows ATSC. The most alluring part of this TV that makes it one among the top 10 TV is that you can change its bezel according to the requirement of your home décor.


  1. LG Full HD Smart LED TV – (43 inches) 43LJ554T

LG 43 inches Full HD LED Smart Television - latest launch new tv

Last but not the least, this LG full HD smart LED TV stands one of the best Smart LED TV among the top ten TV launches in 2018. And this LG smart led tv provides excellent watching quality with IPS panel which provides you life like colors experience. Availablity of miracast allows you to enjoy easy & fast connection among TV, smart phones, and tablets without wire. With the use of wifi connection,you can enjoy your music & video apps on this big screen. Magic Mobile Connection allows viewers to enjoy smartphone content on their TV with ease. Multiple connectivity available ports specially designed for the new age customers. This product due to its sky touched technological smart inbuilt properties is actually experiencing high demand and simultaneously pushing the competition towards a tight point.



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