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Best TV Brands In India With Their Top 5 Best Televisions To Buy

Best TV brands already have been crowded with the tag of fresh arrivals unveiling the latest technological innovations at your nearest electronic gadget store. The notion of watching television has now reached another level of fantasy. Besides grabbing an excellent HD quality screen you can also feel the actual theatre like experience while watching your favourite TV show. This generation’s best TV brands even add up spectacular beauty to your home décor by transforming its screen into an iconic mural of professional artwork. Are you looking to buy a new Tv/ television for your home or office? Then you are at right place, we created a list of best TV brands with their top TV/ television sets in India.

Why does ‘brand’ matter a lot when we think of purchasing an appliances?

Brand means the tag of the concerned product denoting the clan which has served customers for a number of years without failing to meet their satisfaction quotient. Moreover, in a developing country like India where poverty acts like an atmosphere often customer hopes for the perfect loyalty from their purchase. And thus here brands play the ultimate role. Strategically, when we search for a particular product under big brands it saves our time and future risks equally. But there is also another twist lying in this game of brands. Apparently, from the available choices of brands, we need to pick ten to 20 best one ruling the market, as a smart purchaser. Best brands beating the erstwhile TV concept presenting to us a totally distinct perception of watching television by manufacturing LED, Smart, and Plasma TVs. But how to choose the best TV brands from the galaxy of mighty options?


Scan the latest information regarding the best TV brands in India in 2018-

Top 9 Best TV Brands In India With Their Top 5 Best Televisions To Buy


  1. Vu

Vu 4k smart led tv/ television - best tv brands in india

A budding brand which is flawlessly performing day and night, besides serving an immense taste of entertainment in several Indian houses. This brand through new but cannot be claimed as an amateurish act from a product. Rather its picture high-quality clarity, well resonated Dolby effect of sound, other smart features is actually giving tough competition to other existing big best TV brands. Within a tight budget “Vu” is providing outstanding options with updated tech features like HD-Ready, HDFull HD, 4K in their TV (Television ) sets. Vu perfectly matching the uprising smart Television viewers’ tastes with an impeccable range of resolutions and screen size from 22’’ to 75’’ inches. Overall Vu though a newcomer but actually performing like one of the best TV brands in the Indian market.

It is one of the best TV brands in India which provides TV’s/ televisions at very cheaper price at various online eCommerce platforms.


List of Top 5 best Vu Tv’s/ televisions in India

Budge Range Vu Tv’s under rs. 20,000 Mid Range Premium TV’s from Vu
1. Vu Full HD Led TV

2. Vu Premium Smart HD Ready LED (SMART TV)

3. Vu HD Ready Led TV



  1. LG

Top 5 best LG Tv (televisions) in India

Within the name of best TV brands, LG plays the most common name in the Indian market. Though it is a company based in a basically South Korean region India became its second home. Be it Ultra HD TV, HD-Ready TV, Full HD TV, or OLED TV in each kind of sphere LG is showing spectacular performance. Within an extreme low pricing culture, this company is nailing examples of manufacturing modern age TV before the market worldwide.


List of Top 5 best LG Tv’s/ televisions in India

with their best price buy link-

  1. LG 4K UHD LED Smart TV – ( 43 inches ) – [Price around Rs. 54000]
  2. LG OLED 4K UHD LED TV (White) – ( 55 Inches ) – [Best price around Rs. 1,75,000]
  3. And, LG 4K UHD LED Smart TV (Havana Brown) – ( 43 Inches ) – [Price around Rs. 51,000]
  4. LG Full HD LED Smart (Ceramic Black) – ( 43 Inches ) – [Price around Rs. 40,000]
  5. LG HD Ready LED Smart TV (Mineral Silver) – ( 32 Inches ) – [Price around Rs. 23,000]



  1. Samsung

Samsung Frame tv - latest launch new tv in India

Another South Korean company which is giving hard challenge with new innovations every day in the world of gadgets. Equally, Samsung has done a lot of homework over the discovery of a new range of SMART, LED, OLED & Plasma TVs which we can actually feel from its latest launches. Besides great picture and sound quality Samsung stealing the show with its mind-blowing feature of protection from lightning. Within an affordable range now the Indian TV purchaser can bring their home the magic of Samsung. Its amazing features stuffed inside each category of panels and in every size even give you the facility of 3D experience.


List of Top 5 best Samsung Tv’s/ televisions in India

with their best price buy link-

  1. Samsung Full HD LED Smart TV – ( 43 Inches ) – [Price around Rs. 56,000]
  2. Samsung 4K UHD LED Smart TV, Dark Titan – ( 55 Inches ) – [Price around Rs. 1,10,000]
  3. And, Samsung Full HD Flat Smart LED TV – ( 43 Inches
  4. Samsung Series 6, 4K UHD LED Smart TV (Dark Black) – ( 43 Inches ) – [Price around Rs. 71,000]
  5. Samsung M Series, HD Ready LED Smart TV (Black) – ( 32 Inches ) – [Price around Rs. 26,000]



  1. BPL

Top 5 best BPL TV (televisions) in India

With a kickass comeback, BPL has already snatched the ground from many big TV Brands in India. BPL has provided outstanding options in TV’s/ Televisions with a very reasonable price and fantastic feature. With small and huge screen sizes spreads from 22 to even 55 inches available in all possible resolutions. Unbelievable picture clarity with great sound that fills the surrounding with a great sensation of real feel from the ongoing reel. A great choice within an affordable price for the purpose of having the real taste of entertainment through TV/ television.


List of Top 5 best BPL Tv’s/ televisions in India

with their best price buy link-

  1. BPL Stellar, HD Ready LED Smart TV (Black) – ( 32 Inch ) – [Price around Rs. 16,000]
  2. BPL Stellar, Full HD LED Smart TV (Black) – ( 43 Inch ) – [Price around Rs. 26,000]
  3. And, BPL Vivid, Full HD LED TV (Black) – ( 55 Inch ) – [Price around Rs. 34,000]
  4. BPL Steller, 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (Black) – ( 49 Inch ) – [Price around Rs. 39,000]
  5. BPL Vivid, Full HD LED TV (Black) – ( 40 Inch ) – [Price around Rs. 21,000]


  1. Sony

Top 5 best Sony TV (televisions) in India

The best TV brand that almost grabbed the title of serving the TV lovers the best 4K TV. Sony has efficiently mastered the art of presenting Indian consumers the real ultra 4K feel with its highly professional touch over the mechanism of each product. The most recent and obvious name of the TV series from Sony that created and continuing the buzz all over India is the ‘Bravia’. This series from Sony is actually presenting to the consumers the real worth of their purchase. The Sony TV series presents the future of modern age TVs which is available in excellent audio form. Outstanding realistic feel through the highest level of clarity and awesome intelligent connectivity ports for a smarter performance.


List of Top 5 best SONY Tv’s/ televisions in India

with their best price buy link-

  1. Sony Bravia HD Ready LED Smart TV – ( 32 Inch ) – [Price around Rs. 27,000, & for Full HD  version – Rs. 37,000]
  2. Sony Bravia 4K UHD LED Android Smart TV – ( 43 Inch ) – [Price around rs. 70,000]
  3. And, Sony Bravia 4K UHD LED Android Smart TV (Black) – ( 55 inch ) – [Price around Rs. 1,50,000]
  4. Sony Bravia 4K UHD OLED Smart TV (Black) – ( 55 Inch ) – [Price around Rs. 2, 50,000]
  5. Sony Full HD LED Smart TV – ( 40 Inch ) – [Price around Rs. 46,000]



  1. Xiaomi Mi TV

best XIAOMI Mi TV (televisions) in India

In reality, there is no need to introduce this brand indispensability. Throughout India, this TV brand has already an immense popularity and serving with high-quality performance nationwide. With dynamic operations over its number of electronic gadgets today Xiaomi is ruling the Indian market. Nationwide and worldwide Xiaomi is properly famous for the mega calibre in adjusting the contrast. Even after availing so much to the purchaser the pricing range is also not beyond the limit of average Indians. Moreover, within an extreme low pricing tag, this TV brand “Xiaomi Mi” is giving beyond expectation features to its newly launched versions of TV’s/ television sets. Through extreme hardship and unfailing dedication, this brand of TV has gained and perfectly maintained the level of Best TV Brand in India.


List of best Xioami  Tv’s/ televisions in India

with their best price buy link-

  1. Mi LED Smart TV 4 – (55 inch) – [Price around Rs. 45,000]
  2. Mi LED Smart TV 4A – ( 43 inch ) – [Price around Rs. 23,000]
  3. And, Mi LED Smart TV 4A – ( 32 inch ) – [Price around Rs. 14,000]



  1. Micromax

best Micromax TV (televisions) in India

Within a very short time, this brand which has started with the tag of mobile manufacturers soon touched new horizons of expansion. Seemingly, Micromax being a desi company preaching lesson to many top TV brands the ideal mantra for success. Thus Micromax introduced excellent quality of LED, SMART, PLASMA TV with affordable pricing tag which is very nominal in terms of its quality. The best parts of the Micromax TVs are its excellent efficiency to control the power consumption, LED panel with zero dots, awesome sound impact, and crystal clear picture quality.


List of best Micromax  Tv’s/ televisions in India

with their best price buy link-

  1. Micromax (43 inches) Binge Box Full HD LED Smart TV- [Price around Rs. 29,000]



  1. Philips


best Philips TV (televisions) in India

Philips not only triumphed over its home market India but also positively spreading its calibre worldwide. For decades of innovations, this brand for TV is really creating spectacular products for the purpose of the Indian consumers. Like a strong, it has firmly stood throughout many years with zero tolerance in its performance. In fact, with time Philips has toughly answered to other best TV brands with its iconic innovations. Among other best TV brands, Philips LED series of TV are brilliantly pleasing the consumers worldwide with no blur clear quality of the picture. Moreover, like always this time Philips also triumphed over its sound efficacy with 20 W impactful sounds. Not the brands’ list of outstanding feature stops here but with its pricing range in contrast with the available.


List of best Philips Tv’s/ televisions in India

with their best price buy link-

  1. Philips (43 inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV (Black) – [Price around Rs. 41,500]



  1. Panasonic

best Panasonic TV (televisions) in India

Panasonic also sets back its origin to Japan, and especially valued in Indian television market for its unmatched sophisticated designs. From its very initial period, this brand in India Panasonic has gifted the Indian consumer reliable products. With excellent reasonable pricing, Panasonic has launched its series of new age LED TVs under the tag of ‘TH series’.The moment at which TH series plummets into the Indian market, it created a thunderstorm among the consumer. Within an affordable price range, Panasonic is offering a wide space for updated TV products for the Indian consumers. The unique and latest innovations from Panasonic is available with a huge flexible range of screen sizes between  22’’ to 65’’ inches. Breaking the old concept of HD, Panasonic even comes with HD-Ready and ultra HD features.


List of top 4 Panasonic  Tv’s/ televisions in India

with their best price buy link-

  1. Panasonic Viera, Smart HD Ready LED TV – ( 32 Inch ) [Price around Rs. 22,000]
  2. Panasonic Smart Led Tv – ( 43 Inch ) – [Price around Rs. 44,000]
  3. And, Panasonic 4K UHD LED TV (Black) – ( 49 Inch ) – [Price around  Rs. 62,000]
  4. Panasonic Viera 4K UHD Smart LED TV (Black) – ( 43 Inch ) – [Price around Rs. 54,500]


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