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Top 3 Single, Double, Triple Door Fridge From Best Refrigerator Brand in India

Are you planning to invite your friends this summer to your homes on a party? Don’t you know where to store all the cool drinks that you have bought and are you looking to buy the best refrigerator/ fridge in 2018 from the best refrigerator brand in India, this year to beat the summer? Then, without thinking twice invest in a refrigerator which you feel is suitable for your homes to store everything that you want to.

You need to look for a lot of things when you are buying a refrigerator and you should also bear in mind the requirements that matters the most to you. You may be focusing on the capacity but may have forgotten about the brand completely and this can have a huge impact.  Hence, you need to look for the below things when you are buying the refrigerator from best refrigerator brand in India.

  • Capacity: You may have a lot of things to be stored in the refrigerator that you are buying and if you end up buying one with less capacity then, you may end up wondering where to keep the other items. Hence, it is quite essential that you invest in refrigerators after a proper research.

  • Budget ( Price ): Another important thing that comes to picture when you are picking up a refrigerator is the budget. There are certain brands which have exorbitant rates and you may end up choosing those as the best refrigerator in India. Later, you may get to know that there are other better refrigerators worth that price.

  • Brand: It is always advisable to get a brand that manufactures the best refrigerators and most of the brands these days have come up with unique technologies which are extremely friendly to the customers. Hence, you need to also have the brand on mind when you decide to buy a refrigerator.

  • Check for the technology: Do not end up paying for a refrigerator that still has old technologies. These days the best refrigerator that comes does not require any extra stabilizer because most of them come with an inbuilt stabilizer. Hence, you need to ensure that you are buying a refrigerator with latest technology features.

Mentioned below are some of the recommendations of the best refrigerator from best refrigerator brand in India and this list can give you an idea to choose the right one for your home needs. There are a lot of varieties available in the refrigerators like the Single Door Refrigerator, Double Door Refrigerator, and Triple Door Refrigerator.

Top Refrigerators in Single, Double & Triple Door Fridge Online from Best Refrigerator Brand in India 2018


Single Door Refrigerators From Best Refrigerator Brand In India


  1. Haier Refrigerator Single Door: 195 L, 4 Star, Direct Cool, (Brushline Silver, HRD-1954BS-R/E)rt

Haier 195 L

Haier single door refrigerator 

This refrigerator is ideal for you because of its compact feature and also making ice in the refrigerator is a total fun. Especially when you are hosting parties, storing ice can become a challenge but with this fridge back at home you do not have to worry anymore. Fruits and vegetables also remain fresh for a longer duration and this is what makes this the best refrigerator to be invested in the single door category. Making Ice in a superfast way brings this Refrigerator at top place amongst other refrigerators available in best refrigerator brand in India.



  • The latest technology helps you to make ice in less than an hour.
  • It has an inbuilt stabilizer
  • Due to its cooling effect – everything stored in the refrigerator remains fresh for a longer duration.
  • The price of this single door refrigerator/ fridge is less than 15000 INR/- and is priced at an affordable range. It is one of the best refrigerators under 15000.



  • The quality of the freezer door can become a challenge a times
  • Sometimes, the door tends to make a little noise and this can always be fixed.

Haier refrigerator price ( Single Door 195 Ltr ) Online

Its price is near about 13500, which brings this refrigerator under 15000 price category. Nowadays, Haier is trying to capture the market in by giving new technology in refrigerators which brought it into the best refrigerator brand in India.



  1. LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 3 Star Refrigerator (Scarlet Aster, GL-B201ASAW)

LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 3 Star Refrigerator

lg 190 Ltr

If you are planning to buy the best refrigerator under 20000 INR/- then, this is the refrigerator from LG that you should be looking at. With its extremely beautiful design and an amazing compressor, this refrigerator is the one that is suitable for small families. LG is one of the best refrigerator brand in India.



  • The capacity of the fridge is what makes it more appealing to a lot of people
  • Highly suitable for small families
  • This fridge has inbuilt stabilizer. Hence, you can save money on the extra stabilizer
  • Power consumption is quite less and this is good news.
  • The design of the refrigerator is also great hence; it increases the overall appearance of the house.
  • The refrigerator is totally silent hence; you do not have to worry about the noise at all.



  • If you are looking for some extra space to store more items then, this may not the right refrigerator.
  • A single door can be a disadvantage if you are keen on having a specific space for making ice.


If you are looking to buy a single door fridge/ refrigerator from best refrigerator brand in India under 15000, then this is one of the best refrigerators in this category. As it’s price is near about 15000 INR.



  1. Samsung 192 Ltr Refrigerator 4 star: Direct Cool, Single Door, (Rose Mallow Blue, RR20M282YU3/NL,RR203/HL)


Samsung 192 Ltr

Samsung has been one of the best refrigerator brand in India which is well-known for the manufacture of the refrigerators. The Samsung 192L is a model that has got the highest ratings because of its stylish looks. You may end up buying this fridge just because of its aesthetic features. This 4 star samsung 192 Ltr refrigerator comes under 20000 INR. Its Price is near about 15000 only.



  • Compact and also increases the overall appearance of the kitchen
  • Sleek door and extremely unique design
  • The shelves are spacious and you can store a lot of things
  • Food is fresh despite the power outage for 9 hours because of the cooling retention technology.
  • In-built stabilizer and high power efficiency



You may end up hearing noise from the refrigerator at times and this is because of the compressor.


If you are looking to buy a single door refrigerator/ fridge from best refrigerator brand in India under 15000, then this is one of the best refrigerators in this category. As it’s price is just slightly above 15000 INR.



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Double Door Refrigerators From Best Refrigerator Brand In India

Now that you know the best refrigerators from best refrigerator brand in India to be bought in the single door category let us quickly take a look at the double door refrigerators as well.


  1. Haier Refrigerator 320 Ltr Double Door: 3 star, Frost Free (Brushline Silver, HRB-3404BS-R/E)



haier 320 L Double Door refrigerator

If you want your vegetables and fruits to breathe properly then, you would certainly not like the idea of Single Door refrigerators. Though the technology of the single door refrigerators is competent enough, space can become one of the drawbacks.

If you are a meat-lover and do not like to store them with fresh fruits and vegetables or if you have bought them in large quantity then, this refrigerator is certainly made for you. You can store as much meat and any other products that you can think of conveniently at the bottom. Heir is giving bottom mount freezer in its double door refrigerators/ fridges. 



  • Extremely quiet and the cooling technology are just amazing.
  • Because of its auto defrost mechanism; the clogging of ice does not happen.
  • Great design and looks elegant
  • The quality of the glass used for the shelves are stronger
  • In-built stabilizer



  • The sides of the refrigerator heats up at times hence, the ventilation has to be checked.
  • The colors may be a little tricky and for the ones who like vibrant colors, this refrigerator may be a little disappointment.



If you are looking to buy a double door refrigerator from best refrigerator brand in India under 25000, then you can go for it, because Haier is giving this 320 Ltr double door refrigerator/ fridge in just near about of 25000 INR.



  1. Whirlpool 265 L Frost Free Double Door 3 Star Refrigerator (Swiss Silver, NEO DF278 PRM 3S)



whirlpool 265 ltr double door fridge

Whirlpool has been a veteran in the manufacturing of electronic goods and this 265 L Frost Free Double Door refrigerator is a delight to a lot of them. The main reason why you would love to buy this fridge is that of its price. This refrigerator is lesser than 20k and a double door refrigerator at this cost, under 20000 is certainly worthy to be bought.



  • This refrigerator comes with deep freeze technology and also bacteria free vents
  • In-built stabilizer and also saves a lot of power
  • Fruits and vegetables remain fresher due to its sixth sense cooling technology
  • Lovely steel finishing enhances the look of the overall product and also justifies the value for money
  • The vegetable box and the interiors are spacious



  • There is no inverter compressor like any other major brands
  • There is no inbuilt stabilizer and this is one of the major disadvantages of this refrigerator


As we are already talked about it’s pricing in our review, a 265 Ltr refrigerator under 20000 is the best buy. Because of Whirlpool 265 Ltr double door refrigerator, we can easily put the whirlpool in best refrigerator brand In India in 2018.



  1. Samsung 275 L Frost Free Double Door 3 Star Refrigerator (Pebble Blue, RT30T/HL)



samsung 275 ltr double door fridge

If you are looking to buy a fridge which should last long then, you are looking at the right product. This Samsung double door fridge/ refrigerator utilizes less power and his highly durable. The compressor technology automatically adjusts to the cooling demand. And it got highest ratings buy the customers who bought this product.



  • The glass shelves are stronger hence; you can keep heavy utensils as well
  • No need of manual defrosting
  • Lesser than 25k hence, it is available at an affordable price
  • It comes with digital inverter compressor technology
  • It has In-built stabilizer, so no need to purchase a separate voltage stabilizer



  • In case if there are more than five-six people then storing items may become an issue.



At Ecommerce ( Online ) site, this Samsung 275 Ltr double door 3-star refrigerator comes under 25000 INR. A highest rating product, with comes in 275 ltr under 25000 brought Samsung into a Best refrigerator brand in India.



Triple Door Refrigerators From Best Refrigerator Brand In India


  1. Whirlpool 260 L Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator (Alpha Steel (N), FP 283D PROTTON ROY)



Whirlpool 260 Ltr Multi-Door fridge

For families who would love to have a spacious fridge at their homes, we recommend these refrigerators because of the durability, the cost, the maintenance and also the look and feel of the refrigerator.

If you are looking to host a party for a huge group and the entire family, it becomes mandatory to have a lot of storage space and that is when the need to buy a triple door refrigerator/ fridge arises. The need for the refrigerator Whirlpool 260 L triple door comes to those who are in love with super cool technology.

Its price is the main factor which brings it into the best refrigerator brand In India in 2018.



  • It helps you to maintain twice the freshness than the other refrigerators because of the moist-control technology.
  • If you are a vegetable and fruits lover, then there is an extra space beneath in the form of drawer.
  • The zeolite technology helps in keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer duration by reducing the sugar content in them.
  • Over ripening of the fruits and vegetables gets avoided due to Zeolite technology.
  • You can stay happy because of the Microblock technology which kills 99.9% of microbes.



  • Space consumption can be more if you live in a smaller house.
  • Cost can be a little higher for the ones who are looking at budget-friendly refrigerators.


As we have already mentioned that it’s pricing along with triple door category is the factor which brings whirlpool in best refrigerator brand in India 2018. We might guess, Now you all are thinking about what it’s price would be.

Whirlpool 260 L Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator comes in just near about price of 25000 INR.



  1. Hitachi 390 L Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator (Glass Black, R-SG37BPND)


hitachi 390 ltr multi door refrigeratorIf you are looking for a lovely experience with your stored food items in refrigerator then, you should definitely look at buying the Hitachi 390L Frost Free Refrigerator. The looks and also the technology of the fridge is what make it appealing about this product.



  • High moisture cooling keeps your food completely fresh
  • Amazing durability of the glass shelves will not worry you about the stronger vessels
  • Air flow performance ensures there is proper air circulation
  • Jumbio air pockets and chill leaking alarm are the other main features of the refrigerator
  • Comes with Inverter Compressor



  • The fridge is pretty tall hence; you may have to keep it in a safer place
  • The fridge is pretty expensive and it is not affordable for the ones who are looking for budget friendly refrigerators
  • The cost of the fridge is 60K.

Well, now that we have listed the top rated refrigerators go ahead and choose the one that is best suitable for your requirements. Storing vegetables and fruits is definitely not a concern anymore. Beat the heat with these wonderful refrigerators.


As this refrigerator is of Hitachi which gives us all a unique technology puts its price at a higher level. This refrigerator will cost you around 60000.


This is all from us, in best refrigerator brand in India. Share this article & help Others so that they can choose the best refrigerator for their sweet home or office.


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