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Best Inverter AC ( air conditioner ) In India 2018

Every electronic gadget or appliance will go through a period of upgradation that may change the
complete face of the product in the market. Even air conditioners had undergone such a change and it is
now been upgraded to the smart inverter AC’s.  Are you looking to buy best inverter ac for your home or office? We brought some best Inverter AC‘s available in 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton & 2 Ton from a various Inverter AC brands available online.

As said, every upgradation is important for a product and it gives priority to the customer comfort
as well as satisfaction. On this range, the inverter AC’s ( air conditioners ) guarantee you maximum comfort and
convenience in using the product. Moreover, if it comes at an affordable price, with all latest
features installed; undoubtedly it will be the best available product in the market. So, we are listing
down some of best inverter AC which are the best in the range that surely is not going to disappoint

Note: If you would like to buy any of the mentioned below product, just comment it with the name of that item. We will share the best buy link of that particular product to you. 


Best Inverter AC 1 ton ( Air Conditioner ) 


 1. LG Inverter AC 1 ton – 3 star, Split, JS Q12ATXD White ( Air Conditioner )

LG 1 ton 3 star split inverter ac


You could have seen a lot of split inverter AC of various AC brand in the market, but the 1-ton inverter ac ( air conditioners ) make the technology unique as they carry them in a so-called simple and moderate ac range. On that basis, the LG 1TON inverter split ac with 3 star rating (equal to 5 star as per new standard) will surely impress you with its elegant design and sleek look. It will be a tough task for you if you are looking for a similar alternative for this ac. Because It’s features are just perfect. And the pricing of this product is in a way that it doesn’t burn your pockets.

Bringing on the features of this AC, it runs on a smart inverter, with a 3-star energy rating. It covers 150 sqft of the wall, and to be noted, it doesn’t need a stabilizer if the voltage fluctuation is around 145-290v. The indoor noise level will be 29dB and it also enables a right-left swing. Other notable features include the automatic on/off timer, with sleep mode providing extra comfort and a digital display. Just because of these awesome features, this LG inverter AC 1 ton makes its place on our list of best inverter ac category. 


Special note: This air conditioner is designed with Mosquito away/repellent technology & Himalayan cool technology which enables perfect cooling in the room. And It has a 3M Micro protection filter for providing clean air. It is one of the best AC in this price.



2. BLUESTAR Inverter AC 1 Ton:  CNH W12CAF, Split  ( Air Conditioner )

Undoubtedly, one more high-performance ac from the Bluestar electronics, which always comes up with added updates in their products, hasn’t disappointed this time too with their CNH W12CAF Split inverter ac.

 The product is engineered in a way that it could comfort you with customized modes of operation like Dry and Cool mode, Fan mode and No Heat mode. The other features of the product include glow dark buttons in the remotes and this AC also have an LED panel display with an automatic on/off timer.

The updated additions like flow direction control, a highly customized one, Anti-Freeze Thermostat that limits the air coils from getting freeze up, Auto restart technology along with the memory backup makes you feel free as there is no need to adjust it again and again. The air conditioner has a noise level of 37dB and voltage of 230 volts.


Special note: The AC is installed with 6 different filters that bring out a healthier and cleaner air for you, they are Silver ion filter, Catechin filter, Anti-bacterial filter, Anti-acarian filter, Dust filter, Active carbon filter. 





1. BLUESTAR Inverter AC 1.5 Ton: 3NHW18CAF U, Split ( Air Conditioner ) 

It is the updated version of the CNH W12 CAF, split Inverter ac, with 1.5 ton. The common features include the updated modifications of 4 different modes (Dry and Cool mode, Fan mode and No Heat mode). It has also got the 6 different filters which add to your comfort and moreover provides a healthier and cleaner air.

It doesn’t have any batteries. And it’s a fully remote controlled AC. The noise level is 40dB and the voltage level is 230 volts.                                                               

Special note: This air conditioner is having Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator as well as Blue Fin Copper Condenser with cleanable panels that add up to the advantage of the product.


2. LG Dual Inverter AC 1.5 ton: JSQ18CPXD2, Split ( Air Conditioner )

One of the good customized AC of this price range, which is specific for its updated features installed. This LG inverter ac, 1.5 Ton comes out with highly customizable specs, with an automatic timer to adjust the fan speed automatically.

In contrast to the dehumidification mode in alternative products, it limits the overcooling and hence provides complete comfort for you. It is even efficient in saving energy well. The other features include the noise level of 31dB and voltage of 230 volts.

Special note: The product is installed with the latest technology, the Monsoon Comfort Technology which is very much efficient in providing the right amount of cooling by adjusting the fan speed mainly during high humidity and monsoon season. LG dual inverter ac 1.5 ton is one of the best inverter ac as it comes with dual inverter compressor technology. LG dual inverter AC is in our best buy recomendation. 

It is also in our top 10 list of Inverter AC 1.5 Ton segment.




1. CARRIER 2Ton Inverter AC : 3 Star,  24K Esko White

Undoubtedly, this Carrier inverter ac is the best from the range of 2-ton inverter ac (air conditioners), installed with a great pack of superb features will certainly amaze you with its specifications.

It has given Turbo mode in it, which enables you to activate the fan at maximum speed. That results in faster cooling at the tap of a button. And also, the auto swing function of the ac enables 360o cooling.

The auto restart technology, upgraded from its prequels, sets the cooling automatically as of the previous session. And the electrostatic carbon filters that are engineered in a way that it can remove dirt particles present in the air and is also much efficient in the supply of clean air.

The other features include a bright LED Display, voltage level of 230 volts. It even has a refrigerant leakage objector, which finds the leakage and automatically shuts down the ac. It is one of the best inverter AC available in a market. 

Special note:

The i-pm 2.5 filter, is of activated carbon fabric and silver mesh. And it helps to clean the pm 2.5 particles and bacteria from the air. The 5 layer rust safeguard system, can handle all weather conditions and prevents rusting. The sleep mode increases temperature that adjusts to your comfort and also saves energy.


2. SAMSUNG Inverter AC 2 Ton: 3 star, Alloy AR24NV3HETU

A moderate yet great product with the attractive look and eye-catching finish. This AC is made out of simplicity. It surely won’t disappoint you with its performance and worth the bucks you spent. The digital display feature enables you to adjust functioning of the ac quickly and with ease.

It even has a voltage fluctuation protector, which can handle the job well itself. The other features include the noise level of 109dB, 240 voltage level. And good sleep mode that is efficient at energy savings. The product covers a warranty of 1 year and a 10 years compressor warranty.

Special note: The 8 pole digital inverter installed to the product, whose primary function is to make fast the cooling function by saving energy along with Single user mode and an anti-corrosion by Durafin.


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That’s all from best inverter AC segment.

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